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Two in a canoe

Two in a canoe

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Embark on the ultimate wilderness journey with our Minimalist duo in a canoe package. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts seeking thrilling experiences, this package provides the basics you need for an unforgettable adventure (for a full portage package, please see our Portaging Adventure Package). 

Included in the package are a waterproof duffel bag, a food barrel, a barrel harness, and a rope, ensuring that your gear and provisions stay safe and secure during your portaging excursions. You will also get a lightweight backpacking tent, two cozy sleeping bags, compact sleeping pads, and headlamps to illuminate your path!

At Camp Rentique, we strive to make your outdoor experience seamless. While we provide everything you need for an incredible adventure, please note that a canoe is not included in the package. We provide camping gear for your canoe trip. 

What's included:

  1. Waterproof duffel bag
  2. Food barrel (30L) (free upgrade to 60L when booked for 4+ nights)
  3. Barrel harness
  4. Heavy-duty rope (10 meters)
  5. Lightweight backpacking tent for 2
  6. 2 x Lightweight sleeping bag
  7. 2 x Compact sleeping pad
  8. 2 x Headlamp

A canoe is NOT included.

For a full portaging package, see our Portaging Adventure Package for Two.

We provide the best quality camping equipment from reputable brands. 

We provide sleeping bags most suitable for the current weather. If you require a long-size sleeping bag (6'-6'6''), please let us know during checkout. 

Delivery and Pick Up

We deliver your camping equipment straight to your door.

Equipment delivery and pick-up are FREE for orders over $250 within our coverage area. The delivery charge is $35 for orders below $250.

We deliver equipment the night before your booking begins. We pick it up the morning after your trip. Learn more here.

We can accommodate touchless deliveries upon request.

Cleaning and Sanitization

All of our camping equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized after every use.

Security Deposit

Security deposit is required on all bookings. The security deposit amount is promptly refunded in full if the rental items are returned on time, clean and undamaged.

Security deposit amount is usually between 2-3 times your order total, depending on the items of your order. (e.g., $200 order will require a security deposit between $400-600).

If the product is damaged, the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit for return.

We will deduct a cleaning fee if the product requires extensive cleaning (soaking, scrubbing, stain removals, dirt removal).

If the product is returned late (not available for pick-up on the agreed-upon date), the late fee will be deducted from your security deposit at a daily rental rate.

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